Oyster Mushrooms: Taste the Rainbow

Oysters (but vegan!). Oyster mushrooms have found their way into the hearts of our team at Redifarms, we love their unique tastes, the array of colors they grow in, and the health benefits they have on our bodies.


Oyster mushrooms, anyone? 

Oyster mushrooms are named for the way they look, similar to freshly caught oysters. They vary in size with their caps growing between 2 to 10 inches, bringing more of the oyster resemblance to the forefront. These beautiful fungi are available in an array of colors, ranging from pink, blue, golden, black pearl, and white. Each oyster mushroom has its own enduring personality:

Pearl (white) Oyster Mushrooms:
These are the most common type of oyster mushrooms. They have a milder and more tender flavor than shiitake mushrooms.

Blue Oyster Mushrooms:
Appear dark blue when they bloom but gradually turn gray as they mature. They have a chewy texture and are often preferred as a meat replacement.

Golden Oyster Mushrooms:
Rare and hard to find these mushrooms boast a bright gold color, a vibrant flavor with delicate flesh, and a distinct fragrance.

Pink Oyster Mushrooms:
These mushrooms have a bright pink color that fades when exposed to heat. They have a pungent flavor and taste like bacon.

Plant-Based Health Spot.  

Oyster mushrooms have a myriad of health benefits. Over the years studies have shown that these mushrooms are loaded with Antioxidants, strengthen immune systems, are great for heart health, naturally lower blood sugar levels, contain anti-inflammatory agents, and have been shown to prevent cancer.


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How Would We Serve Oyster Mushrooms?  

Preparing your Redifarms Oyster mushrooms is an excellent step into a new culinary adventure for those who are a bit more timid than most when it comes to cooking. We recommend blending the bold flavor of our golden oyster mushrooms in a homemade Bolognese sauce.  

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