How Sweet It Is!

Welcome to the third and final installment of the Redifarms Plant-Based Thanksgiving; the moment we have all been waiting for SWEETS! Plant-based sweets doesn’t sound too much of a challenge until you try to begin typical Holiday baking. Does the pie crust call for a mix of butter and lard? Oh no! Pumpkin pie filling shouldn’t have anything that’s not plant-based, right? Surprise! There are eggs in the batter for that silky texture. When it is just starting to feel like you might not be able to conquer this last component of your plant-based Thanksgiving, the Redifarms team is here to save the day! We are here to present you with two plant-based desserts that are the perfect end to the best Thanksgiving ever.

Let’s start with a familiar Holiday sweet treat that young and old alike clamor over, the beautifully simple shortbread cookie – with a Redifarms twist of course. Let us introduce to you the prettiest cookie you have ever seen, delicate and dainty, these delectable Edible Flower Short Bread Cookies are a great way to have a little sweet after a full meal. (they’re great to dunk in an after-dinner coffee as well!)

Full Recipe Here

Now, for our next sweet, we started out hunting for a treat that is equally light, refreshing, sweet, crisp, and delicious to keep our family and friends from feeling overfull and bogged down. Our quest brought us to the Land Down Under, or Undah, depending on who you speak to. We found the Holy Grail of dessert, the piece of the puzzle that fits all the criteria into one: the Aquafaba Pavlova. This completely eggless meringue is not only everything we were searching for but it held a surprise that we hadn’t originally considered. It is COMPLETELY customizable! We topped ours with seasonal fruit, our favorite plant-based whipped cream; and even had the ability to use our homegrown stevia powder instead of powdered sugar. This delight will be sure to have everyone at the table smiling.

Full Recipe Here

We hope your Thanksgiving is as successful as our dishes!  

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