Veganuary? Is that a thing…? 

Veganuary? Is that a thing…like Dry January?…but no meat?! 

Let 2024 be the year of trying something new! Veganuary is a tradition that has been going strong for the past ten years, starting with the simple goal of health for the people and health for the planet. It has meat lovers around the globe jumping on board the Vegan bandwagon; going meat-free for the first month of the year. 

Our challenge and our mission is simple; to encourage you to try to take on Veganuary in your home this year. While this may seem like such an easy task to do for some, it may seem daunting to others. So where do we recommend starting? We are so glad you asked and cannot wait to tell you!  

Our top 3 tips for starting Veganuary:  

1. Add more Redifarms leafy greens, mushrooms, and micros to your diet: Shop Here 

2. Try a new vegan recipe or buy a vegan cookbook: 
Try your hand at some of our quite easy plant-based recipes on our Redifarms Recipe Blog 
Purchase any of the cookbooks we offer on our shop 
Vegan Recipes From Spain Vegan Recipes From France Vegan Buddha Bowls 

3. Try a top-notch Vegan Restaurant 
If cooking is not your thing there is always the option of going out. Let this be the year of trying something new with some of our favorite Vegan restaurants.  

290 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001 

“Anixi is a Mediterranean Brasserie that features vibrant flavors from Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon. Chef Guy Vaknin journeys close to home with this concept, finding profound inspiration in scents, details, ingredients, and textures of the region.” 

Beyond Sushi 
Multiple Locations NYC 

“Our goal is to build a community through a memorable and mindful meal, while leaving a lasting impact on our planet. Our dishes incorporate forward thinking flavor profiles and ingredients that elevate casual plant-based dining.” 

Le Botaniste 
Multiple Locations NYC 

“Le Botaniste is the only organic, plant-based, and carbon-neutral restaurant in New York City.  

The Founders goal was to surprise guests with delicious, satisfying, plant-powered organic meals that are good for the body and sustainable for our planet—and this was the inspiration for Le Botaniste.” 

111 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009 

“Ladybird offers a seasonally rotating menu highlighting fresh produce alongside classic Ladybird offerings, many of which are gluten-free.” 

Good Karama 
17 East Front Street, Red Bank NJ

“We have combined our passion for cooking and love of the earth and all its inhabitants to create a dining experience that we are sure you will enjoy. Here at the Good Karma Café we are committed to using only the finest ingredients and guarantee that we are at least 90% organic.” 

Kaya’s Kitchen  
1000 Main St. (corner of 10th & Main) Belmar, NJ 07719 

“The cuisine that we prepare at Kaya’s is made fresh, and per order. We take great pride in our culinary vision, using only the finest organic ingredients. Enjoy our delicious cuisine in our newly renovated dining room, with our friendly knowledgeable staff here to make your visit to Kaya’s a delightful one. Also at our new location, come visit and see our new fresh vegetable juice and fruit smoothie bar, and our display case with homemade dishes to take-out!” 

Cats Luck 
140 Steiner Avenue, Neptune City, NJ 

“Supporting Cats Luck means supporting a woman-owned radical vegan business: one that does not subscribe to the idea that veganism should only focus on the animals. Veganism means liberation for ALL beings. You won’t find one-dimensional veganism here.” 

Planta Queen 
Multiple Locations NYC 
“At PLANTA, we see plants differently. 
Led by Founder and CEO Steven Salm and Co-founder and Executive Chef David Lee, PLANTA was born in 2016 to expand the accessibility and acceptability of plant-based dining; dining as it should be — an unguilty pleasure. Creating a premier hospitality collective of 100% plant-based restaurants, PLANTA reimagines, reinvents, and revitalizes, providing flavorful proof that the power of plants can change the world.” 

So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge?

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