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Health benefits of a plant-based diet

Plant-Based: A Natural Choice

Coined by a scientist from the National Institutes of Health over 20 years ago, the term “plant-based” diet is more inclusive than its counterparts, vegeterianism or veganism. Plant-based diets are being embraced with great fervor and show no signs of slowing. Experts predict that the plant-based food market will be valued at over $162 billion by 2030.

But why is this diet seeing such explosive growth?

First, let’s explain what plant-based is and isn’t. A 
plant-based diet does not mean you can’t eat meat. It does mean your diet will include mostly vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Beans, seeds, and nuts are also included. The diet is appealing to health-conscious individuals as well as those accustomed to a more traditional, Western diet because it doesn’t mean a total abandoning of the food staples they’ve enjoyed for much of their lives. Instead it’s about making small tweaks, incorporating more fruits and vegetables, and making intentional lifestyle choices.

With COVID-19 putting public health at the forefront of society, many have taken this opportunity to do a ‘reset’ in their own lives, prioritizing health and wellness like never before. It’s no surprise then that eating cleaner, fresher foods has taken off.

What are some of the health benefits of this diet? The evidence is compelling with reports of people living healthier, more vibrant, and longer lives.

A Healthy Outlook

4 Benefits of a Plant-Powered Diet


Supports The Immune System

Protects the body against germs and microorganisms.


Reduces Inflammation

Cuts risks of cancer and inflammatory diseases like arthritis.


Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

One of the most important preventative measures in reducing cancer risk.


Increased Fiber Intake

Improves gut health so the body is better able to absorb nutrients from food.

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